The Prox Trade was founded with the goal of providing our investors with the most reliable investment offer available. For each of our clients we strive to help create financial stability and security to provide financial independence. Prox Trade believes in adhering to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in the service we provide to our clients. It is our philosophy to place the safety of investor funds at the forefront of every matter things. Too many projects in this industry have failed to consistently apply this most basic principle in an effort to boost their profit margins. We understand that if we focus on this principal, our success will naturally follow.
Our mission is to provide stable returns to our clients by making our services in financial markets a standard for the rest to emulate and identifying and investing in new opportunities through competent professionals who act with integrity and best professional conduct for the benefit of our clients. Our emphasis on research stem from our belief that successful equity trading is a function of accurate assessment of market direction and timing.

We have achieved success, but still we want to move ahead. We value our investors, for us this means that we invest in proper companies, we believe their funds cost less than their true business value. Our main goal is to provide first class service capable of meeting the demands of the most fastidious investors. We are not a "hit-and-run" business. Our goal is a long lasting stable growth.
As your investment partner we have a vested interest and a fiduciary responsibility to protect your invested funds with us. This includes properly diversifying our portfolios with a level of risk that is appropriate for every market situation. Our approach to investing can be described as well diversified, conservative and patient. We believe that it is more important to control losses than to reach for extraordinary gains in the management of our clients investment. 

+ No Registration
+ No Signup
+ The minimum deposit only $500
+ No hidden charges or fees
+ Highly profitable trading programs
+ Innovative investment policy
+ Highly experienced team
+ The lowest possible risk
+ Powerful Server with DDOS protection
+ Secure Investment
+ Professional team work
+ Professional group
+ High profit
+ Ontime payout
+ 24/7 real support
+ Instant withdrawal via E-currency
+ Up to 60% Referral commision
+ Referral no need to signup

+ DDOS Protection
+ SSL Connection
+ Up to 60% bonus refferal
+ PayingHyipOnline = Paying
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25% daily for 50 days
Min:$500 Max: $4,999
Principal: Return

50% daily for 50 days
Min:$5,000 Max: $14,999
Principal: Return

100% daily for 50 days
Min: $ 15,000 Max: $39,999
Principal: Return

200% daily for 50 days
Min: $ 40,000 Max: $99,999
Principal: Return

400% daily for 50 days
Min: $ 100,000 Max: $300,000
Principal: Return

All payments are made to your account Daily. 
Minimum spend is USD $500 and maximum is USD $300,000. 
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like. 
All transactions are handled via Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. 
Use our referral program and earn up to 60 % of referral deposits!

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1. Download and run the Bitcoin software or get an online wallet.
2. Buy Bitcoin. There are various methods available for buying Bitcoin.
Please check for a list of exchangers.
3. Open the Bitcoin software, click ‘send Bitcoin’, enter the amount you would like to send, and our Bitcoin address.
4, After Deposited,Please send us your Bitcoin address.
5, Waiting for your payment, we will pay directly to your bitcoin address on time.